Occupying the Top List, The Limited Edition Speed Gate Turnstile will be Upgraded Again

时间: 2022-05-30

Do you know which turnstile is at the top of CMOLO's best-selling turnstile list?

It is a limited edition speed gate turnstile, born for a certain kind of occasion, but not only for this kind of occasion.

Today, let's take a look at it~~

What is the difference of the limited edition speed gate turnstile?

Compared with the conventional speed gate turnstile, the length of the cabinet is reduced from 1600mm to 1200mm, and the overall occupied space is reduced by a quarter. There is not difference in other aspects, and the performance, functions and parameters are the same.


speed gate turnstile

For occasions with limited space, a limited edition is specially developed – short-type speed gate turnstile

For some occasions with limited space, installing large-volume equipment will make the entire space cramped. To solve this pain point, we developed a short-type speed gate turnstile. It takes up a quarter of the space and makes the occasion look more spacious and less cramped.


Short-type speed gate turnstile

▲Short-type speed gate turnstile CPW-322ESD

Why short-type speed gate turnstile can occupy the top of the best-selling turnstile list

The short-type speed gate turnstile was originally designed for occasions with limited space, but customers with a large installation space also liked it, so it accidentally became a hot product. As long as it is an indoor occasion, no matter the space is limited or the space is spacious, the short-type speed gate turnstile can be used, and the practicability is very wide.

Although the body of the speed gate turnstile has been shortened, the core has not changed. It is still equipped with advanced mechanism structure and logic algorithm, so that the speed gate turnstile has the advantages of high safety, high stability, long life, fast and accurate detection. At the same time, the interior space is still capacious, and many other system accessories can be integrated.

speed gate turnstile

speed gate turnstile

speed gate turnstile

▲short-type speed gate turnstile CPW-322ESD

What upgrades have been made for the limited edition short-type speed gate turnstile?

The short-type speed gate turnstile originally used the brushless DC motor, but this time it was replaced by a brushless servo motor. After the replacement, we upgraded the mechanism structure and algorithm again. After updating, the speed gate turnstile will operate more smoothly and with lower noise, which greatly reduces the risk of damage to the mechanism and is more conducive to ensuring the stability and life of the mechanism.

Where were these speed gate turnstile installed?


▲Shanghai Hongqiao Vanke Center-face recognition speed gate


▲Chengdu Hi-tech Vanke building- face electronic turnstile


▲Wuhan Zall Yulong International Center-automatic turnstile


▲Guangzhou Media Centre- face recognition turnstile


▲Malaysia IKEA-access turnstile


▲Philippines Aseana One RI-RANCE-entrance turnstile

Different application occasions have different application requirements. With the changes of the times, the requirements are also constantly changing. Therefore, we change and manufacture according to customer’s needs, and constantly innovate and upgrade turnstiles to meet and even lead the changing market needs, to provide customers with turnstiles and solutions that meet their needs and keep pace with the times.

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