CMOLO Notice

时间: 2020-06-24

Dear friends,

From this January, we've been receiving many messages or emails or insults on Facebook. Quite a lot of people bought kinds of products (such as toy car, socks etc.) from CMOLO CO SAN JOSE CA/CMOLO CO (similar to our name). They paid for the goods but didn't receive them. And they googled CMOLO and found us, thinking we were the ones they were looking for. But we weren't!

     We (Shenzhen CMOLO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) reiterate with all friends again:

     ①Our company name is Shenzhen CMOLO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., not CMOLO CO. Or other names.

     ②We are a turnstile manufacturer, and turnstile is our only products, not others.

     ③We do not sell any other products on any platform.

We are really sorry for the loss you have suffered. Please pay more attention when you buy items on these platforms in the future, so as not to be deceived by criminals. Please delete the posts that slander us ASAP. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Shenzhen CMOLO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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