• Face Recognition Turnstile<br/> CPW-100
  • Face Recognition Turnstile<br/> CPW-100
  • Face Recognition Turnstile<br/> CPW-100
  • Face Recognition Turnstile<br/> CPW-100

Face Recognition Turnstile

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    • CMOLO face recognition turnstile is based on powerful face deep learning technology + big data technology. Comparing the faces caught by camera at site with database information to verify the users, only when the comparison results are true can users go through. This way of verification is fast & accurate and with high security level.

      Unique Advantages of Face Recognition Turnstile 

      At site, users can pass through once the face recognition has finished. There’s no need to carry cards or other documents for verification purpose.

      The camera can automatically acquire face images. The verification doesn’t require the active cooperation of users. 

      Contact-less biometric identification

      The real person detection is hard to disguise. The system can perform dynamic analysis of human faces in video to judge whether they are real faces or not. It can effectively identify counterfeit fraud means such as HD photos, PS, 3D model, fraud faces, etc. It ensures the user is the real person himself.

      It can perform sorting, judgment and recognition on multiple faces.

      The recognition speed of face recognition turnstile is <300ms. A single server can perform millions of faces comparisons per second. On mobile terminals, the face detection frame rate is less than 1 sec.

      The face detection time is less than 100ms, the face comparison time is less than 300ms, and the recognition rate is higher than 99%.

      All-around Personal Safety Protection

      Face recognition turnstile opens automatically to evacuate people in the event of an emergency, such as fire, power failure, etc.

      With multiple anti-clamping design, such as anti-clamping, mechanical anti-clamping and anti-collision by advanced electric current detection, to achieve excellent anti-clamping performance and effectively protect personal safety of passengers.

      Adopt force feedback control design. When swing gates instantaneously encounter an impulse force that is beyond the safety range, swing gates can be pushed away slowly. It can reduce the impact force towards mechanism and the reverse impact force towards the user, so as to effectively protect both the mechanism and the user.

      All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current protective device to effectively avoid electric shocks.

      Intelligent & Advanced Turnstile Core Technology

      Using CMOLO®  Patent passing detection kernel algorithm and matrix type photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology , it can sensitively detect the behaviors that threaten the passageway safety, such as reverse passing, tail-gating, illegal intrusion and give out audible and visual alarms. The turnstile can be also linked with other security systems.

      Strong & Stable Turnstile Control Core

      CMOLO has independently researched and developed the advanced lossless mechanism structure. Configured with high-quality imported DC brushless motor (mechanism core), it ensures much longer lifespan of the turnstile. Turnstile's mechanism & control system  has passed 10 million lifetime test.

      Carrying advanced servo control system and DSP+ARM motor control technology and combining CMOLO original motor control algorithm, it can truly complete precise control & positioning. The turnstile is guaranteed with long term stable performance.

      Dimension, Material & Surface Treatment

      Appearance: Proper modifications can be made according to customer’s requirements.

      Stainless steel thickness of the cabinet: customizable within the range of 1.5~3.0mm.

      Lane width: 900mm is at the maximum, but the lane depth may be changed accordingly.

      Material of the cabinet: 304 / 316 grade stainless steel.

      Material of the swing gate: tempered glass / acrylic/ polycarbonate, and color can be customized.

      Surface treatment of the cabinet: satin finish / polishing / frosted finish / electroplating / baking finish.

      System Integration

      Integrate with access control system, ticketing system, time attendance system, visitor system etc.

      Built-in reader appointed by customers.

      Integrate with face recognition system, fingerprint identification system, ID/IC card recognition system, passport identification system, QR code system, etc.

      Direction Indicator

      The installation position of direction indicator can be adjusted.

      The pattern of direction indicator can be customized.



      Built-in or external counter

      Equipped with TCP / IP communication

      Audible and visual alarm function

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