With Self-service Verification Turnstiles, Airport Pedestrian Access Management Is More Intelligent

时间: 2021-07-19

Airports are one of the common scenes where self-service verification turnstiles are used. In recent years, turnstiles are installed at many airports instead of manual inspections. The passenger flow of the airport is very large, and the management is also very difficult. The application of self-service verification turnstiles can not only improve the efficiency of management and user experience, but also contribute to the intelligent construction of the airport.

CMOLO has been deeply involved in the airport field for many years and has rich experience in customizing airport turnstile solutions. At present, our airport turnstiles have been used in many cities across the country, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Harbin, Baotou, Nanchang, Ningbo, Quanzhou, Huizhou, Ezhou, Lanzhou, Kunming, etc., helping each airport achieve smart, efficient and safe pedestrian access management.

Self-service verification Airport turnstile

▲Shenzhen Airport – Self-service verification swing gate turnstile

Guangzhou Airport swing gate turnstile

▲Guangzhou Airport – swing gate turnstile for staff access

card-swiping swing gate turnstile

▲Nanchang airport – card-swiping swing gate turnstile 

airport card-swiping turnstile

▲Quanzhou airport - card-swiping swing gate turnstile

In the airport, self-service verification turnstiles are used in many areas, including airport entrances, pre-security check areas, security checkpoints, VIP rooms, boarding gates, employee passages, etc. Different turnstiles are used in different areas, so as to realize different management functions.

airport turnstile

Airport entrance: double-door swing gate turnstiles are used to realize functions such as explosion-proof detection, body temperature detection, face recognition verification, ID card / passport verification, etc.

Pre-security check area: single-door swing gate turnstile is used to realize ID / passport verification, air ticket QR code verification, face recognition verification and other functions.

Security checkpoint: Double-door swing gate turnstile is adopted, and the verification of people & credential is integrated.

Boarding gate: single-door swing gate turnstile is used to realize the function of checking QR code ticket. 

VIP room: a single-door swing gate turnstile is used to realize functions such as air ticket QR code verification and VIP card verification etc.

Employee passage: a single-door swing gate turnstile is used to realize employee ID verification, face recognition verification, QR code verification and other functions.

CMOLO airport turnstile single-door turnstile

▲CMOLO airport turnstile – single-door swing gate turnstile

CMOLO airport turnstile double-door turnstile

▲CMOLO airport turnstile – double-door swing gate turnstile

5 advantages of CMOLO Airport turnstiles

Personalized customization: The appearance and function can be flexibly customized according to actual needs, so as to meet actual application needs and match the airport environment.

High stability & long life: Adopt self-developed advanced core technology; the mechanism and its control system have passed 10 million trouble-free operation tests.

High security: With infrared anti-pinch + mechanical anti-pinch + current detection anti-collision triple anti-pinch technology, CMOLO turnstiles can accurately detect to avoid pinching pedestrians, and comprehensively protect the safety of pedestrians.

Modular design: Easier for maintenance

Strong compatibility: It can be well compatible with explosion-proof detection, human temperature measurement, face recognition, credentials, ticketing, QR code recognition and other systems.

With self-service verification turnstiles as endpoints, it can record passenger information and provide data support for airport plans. At the same time, the turnstiles can be connected with other management systems for linkage management, helping the airport to create a systematic and three-dimensional pedestrian access management, helping the airport's intelligent and information construction, and further maintaining the public safety of the airport, bringing passengers more convenience.

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