Why do we need to customize the turnstile, can’t it be “one equipment for universal use"?

时间: 2021-07-05

In the past 14 years, most of the turnstile projects we have done have been customized.

With rich experience and deep technology, we have completed countless turnstile customizations,

Provide customers with a variety of turnstile products and services that satisfy them.

What supports CMOLO’s ongoing customization of turnstiles is its strong R&D strength, advanced core technology and rich product experience.

The customization needs of customers are very different. Only with strong comprehensive capabilities, CMOLO can effectively have and grasp the real needs of customers, and flexibly and quickly complete the customer's turnstile customization projects.

What can we customize?

Small customization: On the basis of standard turnstiles, the card-swiping panel, the pattern and position of the passing indication, the turnstile gate silkscreen, the lane width, the size of the cabinet, the lighting effect, the shape and material of the blocking body, the surface treatment method, the waterproof and dustproof level, and the recognition method, integrated system etc. can be customized.

Big customization: Brand new design appearance and internal structure, according to the corporate culture or theme design, such as airport turnstiles, subway turnstiles, high-speed rail turnstiles, art gallery turnstiles, etc.

▼Airport turnstile—intelligent double gate interlock turnstile CPW-143Y

double gate interlock turnstile CMOLO

▼Subaway turnstile—retractable flap type auto ticketing turnstile RPW-201

flap type auto ticketing turnstile CMOLO

▼High speed rail turnstile—auto ticketing swing gate turnstileRPW-101

auto ticketing swing gate turnstile CMOLO

▼Art gallery turnstile—blue and white porcelain wing gate turnstile APW-TS700

blue and white porcelain wing gate turnstile CMOLO

Why do we need to customize the turnstile, can’t it be “one equipment for universal use'?

Customization is determined by diversified market demands.

Because of differences in regional environments, different application scenarios, and different management requirements, the application requirements and functions that the turnstile need to meet are different.

This determines that the turnstile cannot be 'one machine for universal use'. It must be changed according to the needs and local conditions. In this way, it can be more in line with the management requirements, so that pedestrians have a better user experience.

CMOLO's customized turnstiles have been spread all over the world

From east to west, from south to north, across the motherland,

From Asia to America, from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere,

No matter where you are, no matter what season, no matter what application scenario,

Our turnstiles are well working at the pedestrian entrances and exits for various occasions.

▼Northern hemisphere – Asia – Eastern China, Shanghai Hongqiao Vanke Center, face recognition swing gate turnstile

face recognition swing gate turnstile

▼Northern hemisphere – Asia – Western China, PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, outdoor swing gate turnstile

outdoor swing gate turnstile

▼Northern hemisphere – Asia – Southern China, China Mobile Zhanjiang branch, face recognition swing gate turnstile

face recognition swing gate turnstile

▼Northern hemisphere – Asia – Northern China, China Mobile Online Service Company Limited, Heilongjiang Branch, face recognition swing gate turnstile

face recognition swing gate turnstile

▼Southern hemisphere - Asia – Indonesia,  Indonesian Petroleum Corporation, indoor wing gate turnstile

indoor wing gate turnstile

▼Northern hemisphere - North America – Canada, Ravens gym, indoor swing gate turnstile

indoor swing gate turnstile

▼Southern hemisphere – South America- Chile, Duoc UC Melipilla Headquarters, tripod turnstile & column type swing gate turnstile

tripod turnstile column type swing gate turnstile CMOLO

▼Southern hemisphere - South America- Columbia, Bodytech club, tripod turnstile

tripod turnstile CMOLO

CMOLO always customizes various turnstiles for our customers. It is already our daily routine.

Faced with the diversified customization needs of turnstiles, we can easily deal with them no matter the difficulty is big or small,

For the customization of turnstiles, we have a very high degree of perception, rich experience and technical advantages.

At the same time, we also strictly require ourselves to strive for excellence, continuous innovation, and change according to needs.

In order to provide customers with customized turnstiles products and services that meet the current trend and meet application needs.

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