The National Day Holiday is Coming Again, Where Will You Encounter the CMOLO Scenic Turnstiles?

时间: 2021-09-27

You: holiday is coming, come on, come on, come on …

CMOLO scenic turnstile: welcome you to experience…

Hoping you will have a good experience from entering the scenic spot!

The current scenic turnstiles are more digitalized with 5G energization

In addition to 5G, there are also digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence

After integrating with the management of the scenic spot, integrate the resources of all parties

Use turnstile as the end point of pedestrian access management

Docking with various existing management systems, carrying out intelligent and efficient management of scenic spots and tourists

Turn the scenic spot into a high-quality digital scenic spot to enhance the image and experience of the scenic spot

Digital scenic spots, turnstiles are more intelligent

Ordinary scenic turnstiles are generally identified by QR codes

Scenic spots under digital construction, identification methods are more diversified

In addition to QR code recognition, the entrance and exit turnstiles can also integrate face recognition, ID verification, etc.

Tourists can choose the corresponding identification method according to the management requirements of the scenic spot and the convenience of use

If the tourist chooses face recognition, then after their face registration when entering the park,

Face recognition can be used in and out, which completely frees hands, and can pass without feeling, which is very convenient and fast

Face recognition wing gate turnstile CPW-331TBS

▲Face recognition wing gate turnstile CPW-331TBS

Face recognition tripod turnstile CPW-400E

▲Face recognition tripod turnstile CPW-400E

Intelligent turnstiles make the management of pedestrian entrances and exits in the scenic area more convenient

During the Chinese National Day, the tourist flow of scenic spots is very large, and counting the number of people is a difficult issue

Especially in open scenic spots, there are many entrances and exits, and it is even more difficult to make statistics on tourist flow.

With the face recognition turnstile, the scenic spot can count the number of tourists in the scenic spot in real time, and realize the accurate management of tourist flow

The number of tourists counted by the turnstile is transmitted to the background command center, and the corresponding management plan can be started according to the real-time number of people

For example, when there are too many people, an emergency plan can be activated to evacuate tourists out of the scenic area, guide tourists to decentralized tours, visit places with few people, etc.

This not only helps to enhance the digitalization of scenic area management, but also helps to enhance the tourist experience

At the same time, the epidemic is not over yet, and scenic spots still need to be normalized for epidemic prevention and control

The use of turnstiles for visitor access management can avoid close contact between people

It can also control the number of tourists in the scenic area to avoid excessive crowds and unnecessary safety hidden dangers

When your tour is over, let me know, in which scenic spot you saw the CMOLO turnstiles

In accordance with the management needs of the scenic spot, CMOLO has customized the entrance and exit turnstiles for many scenic spots at home and abroad, including the famous 5A grade scenic spot in Yunnan, Beijing Hengtai Amusement Park, Shunde Heyuan scenic spot, Baer Lake scenic spot in Nanchong, Mengding Mountain scenic spot in Ya'an, Panama Divercity Park, Bulgarian Capital Ski Resort, Penang Hill Theme Park in Malaysia, Atlanta Theme Park in the United States, Scottish Theme Park, etc.

Our scenic turnstiles have significant advantages such as high security, high stability, accurate identification, and strong anti-pinch capabilities; swing gate turnstiles, wing gate turnstiles, and tripod turnstiles have all passed 10 million life tests, and they all have super long life. In addition, the turnstiles have very high resistance to overload and impact, and can maintain long-term and stable operation during the peak period of National Day and high-frequency use, so that the scenic spot can maintain a good holiday operation. Based on the above advantages of these turnstiles, our turnstiles can make the management of pedestrian entrances and exits in scenic spots safer, more stable and efficient, and greatly reduce the trouble and cost of maintenance.

outdoor swing gate turnstile

▲Shunde Heyuan scenic spot-outdoor swing gate turnstile

tripod turnstile with QR code

▲Panama Divercity Park-tripod turnstile with QR code

bridge-type tripod turnstilebridge-type tripod turnstile

▲Bulgarian Capital Ski Resort- bridge-type tripod turnstile

ticketing tripod turnstile

▲Penang Hill Theme Park in Malaysia-ticketing tripod turnstile

tripod turnstile

▲Atlanta Theme Park in the United States-tripod turnstile

In some places, the covid-19 is still appearing, and there is a lot of mobility during the holidays.

Everyone should pay attention to protection and protect yourself and your families.

I wish you all enjoy a happy Chinese National holiday and keeping safety.

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