Scene Turnstile | CMOLO Versatile Scene Turnstile Can Easily Deal With Huge People Flow of National

时间: 2019-09-16

Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day is coming again. Are all the scenic spots ready for the peak of people flow? The peak of people flow comes one after another, so the visitor entry management is a big challenge for the scenic spots. Visitors' impression on the scenic spots starts from entering the park. How to make visitors in a good mood without being 'blocked' at the entrance and have a good experience of entering the park?

Scene Turnstile | CMOLO Versatile Scene Turnstile Can Easily Deal With Huge People Flow of National

Faced with numerous visitors, can the turnstile of each scenic spot withstand it? 

Queuing is inevitable. The key is to reduce the waiting time.

Pure manual management is a backward way and easy to make ticket checking wrongly

And it needs to separate people to avoid congestion, and maintain order.

With the higher and higher labor cost, the management cost of scenic spots is also increasing a lot.

Without access equipment management is not convenient to form a data management.

It lacks of grand image of scientific and technological management.

As long as the above problems are solved, efficient access management is not a problem.

CMOLO versatile scene turnstile can solve the problem of efficient access management.

Scene Turnstile | CMOLO Versatile Scene Turnstile Can Easily Deal With Huge People Flow of National


▲Ticket Checking Outdoor Turnstile CPW-400D

 Beauty: Appearance level and strength coexist.

 Stability: Advanced lossless mechanism structure, equipped with advanced servo control system and DSP+ARM motor control technology.

 Safety: Infrared anti-clamping, mechanical anti-clamping and anti-collision by advanced electric current detection protect personal safety of passengers more comprehensively.

 Long life: More than 10 million times.

 Fast opening and closing: The opening and closing speed of swing gate turnstile & flap barrier turnstile is 0.3-0.6s, and the normal throughput capacity of tripod turnstile & full height turnstile is 25 ~ 30 people / min (according to the condition of pedestrians).

 Strong overload resistance: The mechanical structure adopts optimized mechanics structure design.

 Multiple turnstile selections: outdoor swing gate turnstile, outdoor flap barrier turnstile, tripod turnstile, full height turnstile are available according to the application environment.

 Multiple identification methods: one or multiple identification methods of face recognition, fingerprint identification, QR code identification, certificate recognition, ID card identification, etc.

 Accurate verification: Accurately verify whether it is the right person or the ticket is valid.

 Fast ticket checking: The identification speed is less than 0.1s.

⓫ Resistant to wind, sand, rain and snow: The IP level of outdoor turnstile is up to IP65.

⓬ Resistance to severe cold and heat: -20~60℃

⓭ Pedestrians & cyclist shared: Ultra-wide passageway can allow wheelchairs, baby carriage, bicycles and trolley to pass.

⓮ Anti-violent hitting: The swing gate of outdoor turnstile adopts flexible gate created by CMOLO, which can withstand frequent violent hitting. It can withstand the external impact of 200KGf within the limited range.

⓯ Anti-electric shock: All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current protective device.

⓰ Power-off Auto-Open: The original mechanical structure is advanced in the industry. When power off, pedestrians are allowed to pass freely to facilitate the evacuation of people.

⓱ Emergency open: equipped with emergency escape control device, pedestrians can pass freely in case of emergency.

⓲ Data recording: the daily data of visitors entering and leaving the scenic spots can be counted to facilitate the formation of data management in the scenic spots.


▲Pedestrians and Cyclist Shared & Violence Resistance Outdoor Turnstile IPW-PM1000

With the versatile scene turnstiles, how will be the management of the scenic spots?

Visitors are diverted to solve congestion, and they can quickly enter the park to improve their experience.

More effective identification of fake tickets prevents the loss from fake tickets/expired tickets.

Replacing partial labor reduces the management cost of scenic spots.

Realizing intelligent management improves the management level and image of scenic spots.

Collecting data can facilitate data analysis, making plans and decisions, and realizing data management.

Where will you meet CMOLO turnstiles during this National Day holiday?

Beijing Hengtai Amusement Park, China

Tong Meng Playground of Changsha Yunda Square, Hunan, China

Shunde He Yuan Park, Foshan, China

The Park of Nanchong Ba Er Lake, Sichuan, China

Ya'an Mengdingshan Park, Sichuan, China

The Amusement Park, Guangzhou, China

Foxwoods Casino & Resort, USA

Divercity Park, Panama

Penang Hill Park, Malaysia

Scotland's Theme Park, UK


Scene Turnstile | CMOLO Versatile Scene Turnstile Can Easily Deal With Huge People Flow of National

▲Shunde He Yuan Park - Outdoor Ticket Checking Turnstile IPW-PM1002

Scene Turnstile | CMOLO Versatile Scene Turnstile Can Easily Deal With Huge People Flow of National

▲Penang Hill Park, Malaysia - Ticket Checking Tripod Turnstile

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