Focusing on High-end Turnstile for 12 years, CMOLO Doesn’t Change Original Heart

时间: 2019-08-16

Today, CMOLO is 12 years old!

Over the past 12 years, we have experienced:

From unknown to well-known,

From finding talent to a highly integrated team,

From ignorance to technical master,

From simple design to customization master,

From hard R&D to master the core technology,

In the past 12 years, CMOLO has grown and changed all the way...

Original Heart

Focusing on High-end Turnstile for 12 years,  CMOLO Doesn’t Change Original Heart

When we first entered this industry, we heard some foreign sounds questioning the quality of Chinese turnstile. We dislike these sounds, which is a little bit heartbroken. Chinese turnstile level should not only be like this.

Although we were not strong at that time, there was a sprouted “seed” in our heart. To overthrow this doubt, we must produce a Chinese turnstile that is recognized and praised by the world. The original heart is born. With this feeling and some fearlessness, CMOLO’s road to the turnstile began.

CMOLO's DNA is 'Focus + high-end' decided by the original heart.

To produce a Chinese turnstile recognized and praised by the world, this is a big original heart, but it will take a long time and be difficult to achieve. But back to the basics, high quality is the cornerstone. Starting with the cornerstone, we have to control. If it is not well controlled, we cannot build higher building.

Focusing on High-end Turnstile for 12 years,  CMOLO Doesn’t Change Original Heart

We must focus on doing this to get a high-quality product, and high-quality turnstile must have 'high-end' attributes. Thus, 'Focus + High-end' become the DNA of CMOLO. Our 'high-end products' not only contain high-quality, beauty, function and user experience, but also the product overall value, and they are the products that achieve the excellent in every aspect.

Manufacturing a high-end & high-quality product is like planting a tree. It requires pure and fertile soil (high-end positioning),  (focus) to take care of it, continuously added nutrients (R&D resources) and regular trim (innovation and optimization) to grow into a luxuriant tree (high quality). And then repeat these steps to ensure that the tree is evergreen.

Why CMOLO focuses on turnstile?

If you have seen the turnstiles of other brands, you can compare with our turnstiles. In contrast, you will know how 'good' our turnstiles are and get excited.

How to be 'good'? It starts with 'Focus.' Focus makes profession; profession makes be an expert, and expert makes great products. To produce excellent turnstiles, craftsman spirit is essential, and focus is the first.

Focusing on High-end Turnstile for 12 years,  CMOLO Doesn’t Change Original Heart

From its establishment, CMOLO has always believed in 'A lifetime, a technical expertise'. For 12 years, CMOLO focuses on turnstiles. We have concentrated our minds without opportunistic, immersed ourselves in R&D, carefully crafted the technology and details of turnstiles day after day, strived for excellence, and manufactured products with high standards, providing users with turnstiles of excellent quality and excellent experience. This not only represents the spirit of professionalism, but also protects the spirit of craftsmen of Chinese turnstile manufacturing.

With the spirit of craftsmen, what makes CMOLO different? That is, everyone of the team has special skills.

Engineers are very sensitive and can quickly grasp the essence of R&D.

Designers have a strong sense of design and can accurately outline the customer's ideal turnstile.

The technicians have sharp eyes and skillful hands. They clearly know how much accuracy each step requires to ensure the perfect assembly of the whole turnstile...

Only after every step of tempering can we produce a turnstile with 'life'.

Why CMOLO chooses to produce high-end turnstile?

Because of lacking high-end turnstile brand with excellent quality in China at first, we thought that someone should stand up to do something different.

Many customers said to us: You have such great turnstile technology. It's so easy to do low-end turnstile, why not?

Our answer is: CMOLO is born for high-end turnstile. If we produce low-end turnstile, we are not CMOLO.

Focusing on High-end Turnstile for 12 years,  CMOLO Doesn’t Change Original Heart

Many customers are happy to see our turnstiles during visiting our factory, but some customers are discouraged by the price. They hope us to make some low-priced products. But you can't have things both ways. Similarly,high quality and low price can't have both.

As for the problem of low-end turnstile raised by our customers, we have also discussed if we can do high-end product and low-end product at the same time. The conclusion is no!

CMOLO's blood type is high-end turnstile. If injected into another blood (low-end turnstile), they will repel and kill each other. Moreover, low-end is not our DNA, but also against our original heart.

Doing both high-end and low-end is equal to giving up ourselves. If so, what can we do well, and what can customers still trust us!

In the future, our original heart will not change, and the quality will remain supreme.

Focusing on High-end Turnstile for 12 years,  CMOLO Doesn’t Change Original Heart

Over the past 12 years, CMOLO has focused on turnstile, deeply cultivated the field of high-end turnstile, and continuously developed & innovated & made breakthroughs. We combine science and technology with art, using high-end advanced technology and equipment to manufacture turnstile under high standards in the industry. At present, CMOLO’s turnstile technology is at advanced level, and its quality has been recognized by customers and peers. These are attributed to our independent R&D design ability, theturnstile core technology and the excellent turnstile team.

In manufacturing, there are no shortcuts. We must insist high quality. In the future, what CMOLO needs to do is still sticking to the spirit of craftsman, continuing the 'Focus + High-end' DNA, continuing to concentrate on internal work to produce products, improving service quality, and providing people with more high-quality intelligent turnstile and services.

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