Do You Know Which Day the Outdoor Turnstiles Have been Exposed to the Sun for the Longest Time?

时间: 2021-06-21

If the outdoor turnstile is in the northern hemisphere, it happens to be today~~

Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of sunshine in the northern hemisphere of the year.

In summer, it is inevitable that the body temperature of outdoor turnstiles will be higher than other seasons, and the duration of exposure to sunlight will be longer than other seasons.

It is a difficult time to test high temperature resistance and strong sunlight resistance to not only withstand the violent sunlight of the sun but also withstand the scorching of the earth.

For outdoor turnstiles to survive the 'hot summer' and maintain normal work every day, they must have excellent resistance to high temperature and sunlight interference.

factory outdoor turnstile

Inner Mongolia Zhongtianhechuang Petrochemical plant, outdoor swing gate turnstile

Inner Mongolia Zhongtian Petrochemical Co-founder, Ordos, China, outdoor turnstile

① If the temperature is too high, the lubrication effect of the mechanism may be affected to cause unsmooth operation, and the components of the circuit board may be damaged to cause control failure.

② In direct sunlight, infrared may cause misjudgment and false alarms under strong sunlight.In direct sunlight, infrared may cause misjudgment and false alarms under strong sunlight.

How do CMOLO outdoor turnstiles withstand high temperatures?

The whole turnstile adopts high-strength materials with high temperature resistance performance, and strengthens the high temperature resistance ability from its own materials.

A heat dissipation system is installed inside the cabinet to cool the turnstiles to prevent the turnstiles from heating up due to long-term sunlight.

How do CMOLO outdoor turnstiles resist sunlight interference?

On the outdoor swing gate turnstiles, we made a structural design to avoid direct sunlight to infrared, to reduce the interference of sunlight to infrared, so as to avoid infrared false alarms.

At the same time, the infrared sensors with strong resistance to light interference are used to reduce the probability of light interference.

In order to better protect the outdoor turnstiles, it is recommended to add sunshade to the outdoor turnstiles.

Outdoor turnstiles that still work stably under the outdoor high temperature

CMOLO's outdoor turnstiles are installed everywhere at the following cities, known as 'burning furnaces'.

Chongqing - Changan Automobile Factory, outdoor wing gate turnstile, IP65, high temperature and cold resistance

Changan Automobile Factory outdoor wing gate turnstile

Fuzhou – Baosteel plant, outdoor swing gate turnstile, shared by pedestrian & vehicles, resistance to violent impact, IP65, anti-sunlight interference, high temperature and cold resistance

outdoor swing gate turnstile

Nanjing – 28th research institute of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC), outdoor swing gate turnstile, anti-sunlight interference, high temperature and cold resistance, IP65

outdoor swing gate turnstile

Nanchang – Vanke Qingshanhu Housing estate, full height turnstile, unattended, high temperature and cold resistance, IP65

CMOLO full height turnstile

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