Multi-directional development

Most positions in CMOLO are completely open. We encourage everyone to develop in the appropriate direction according to his own will, and dare to challenge himself.

Team Training

CMOLO attaches great importance to the spirit of teamwork. We will combine the personal interests and specialties with the need of company to organize general team and project team, and to train the teams in work, training, and expanding activities.

Professional training

CMOLO will arrange for experts from various fields to make internal training, and hire external professionals or institutions to carry out point-to-point special training for requirements of special positions at the same time.

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    • Overseas Sales
    • 3 People
    • Shenzhen
    • 2018-03-22
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    1.  Priority is given to International trade or English major graduated, especially women;

    2.  CET6 or equivalent level, with fluent oral English, and could communicate with foreign customers independently;

    3.  With excellent communication skills and affinity;

    4.  With strong sense of responsibility and pressure resistance, and love foreign trade career;

    5.  Preferred to have foreign trade experiences one.


    1. Regularly Managing B2B and network promotion media;

    2. Independently developing customers, operating orders and sales service;

    3. Building good communication with other department, and assist them to finish the foreign trade matters;

    4. Assisting to do other works in foreign trade markets.

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    • Marketing
    • 3 People
    • Shenzhen
    • 2018-03-22
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    1. Full-time college degree or above; Major in advertising, news or marketing is preferred.

    2. 1-2 years experience in online marketing; the experience in industrial product marketing is preferred. 

    3. With excellent marketing ability and strong writing skills.

    4. With good online resources & experience in marketing, rich experience in online promotion & team building & management.

    5. Proficient in various online marketing skills (including SEO, blogs, BBS, Microblog, WeChat, etc.);

    6. Proficient in the promotion of domestic and foreign trade and familiar with various e-commerce websites.

    7. With a keen market sense and active thinking, shape insight, information analysis and integration ability.

    8. Have team management ability & cooperation spirit; Work conscientiously & responsibly.


    1. Online and offline marketing planning and operation.

    2. Marketing promotion copywriting, advertisement release and tracking.

    3. Collecting, analysis, sorting and feedback the industry marketing information.

    4. Manage company website, including maintenance, optimization, information updating, etc.

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