Focusing on turnstiles, making pedestrians safer

Since 2007, CMOLO has been focusing on turnstiles. We insist on independent R&D, carry out high-end customization for diversified scenes, and integrate new advanced technologies, committing to providing safe pedestrian management for human beings, and building a safer & more convenient future with technology and innovation.

The founding team of CMOLO is from Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Guilin University of Electronic Technology and other institutions of higher education. With the vision of 'focusing on turnstiles, making pedestrians safer', CMOLO adheres to the spirit of craftsman and deeply studies the turnstile field. At the same time, with its own influence, CMOLO establishes high standards of the turnstile industry, promoting the positive development of the industry, so that the world can enjoy the safety and convenience brought by high quality turnstile.

CMOLO has established the advanced turnstile laboratory and entrusted it with the important missions of 'reviewing the old' (strengthening the quality of existing turnstile) and 'knowing the new' (constantly exploring the infinite possibilities of future turnstile).Promoted by the missions, CMOLO has deepened the advanced research on 'turnstile vertical field +multiple scenes', covering logic control, drive control, transmission structure, combination of industrial design and aesthetics, ergonomics, sheet metal structure design, material application, advanced technology integration, scene characteristics, etc., and achieved many turnstile technology achievements.


CMOLO's business has spread all over the world. Customized scene turnstile products and solutions have been widely used in government, public security, transportation, real estate, aerospace, energy, metallurgy, communications, education, finance, automotive, IT, tourism and other industries. At present, CMOLO has cooperated with many well-known enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, including Chinese Academy of Governance, Beijing Tongzhou Sub-civic Center, Huawei, Vanke, China Aerospace Science and Technology, China Petroleum, China Petrochemical, China Mobile, Sensetime, Ansteel Group, Shenzhen Metro, China Ping An Insurance Group, China Resources Group, Foxconn, Siemens, etc.


CMOLO is a national high-tech enterprise & Shenzhen high-tech enterprise. It has passed three management system certifications of 'ISO Quality Management, ISO Environmental Management, ISO Occupation Health Safety Management'. And its products have passed the CE certification, Type Test of the Ministry of Public Security, life test of 10 million times. With 14 years of rich industry experience and technology accumulation, CMOLO produces high quality turnstiles with the stricter standards than the industry, creating more pedestrians access management value for the society.

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