A World Leader of Pedestrian Access Control Turnstile

Since 2007 with headquarters in Shenzhen, CMOLO is one of the world's top 5 turnstile brands. 

Based on keen market insights, we deeply understand customers’ complicated & changeable demands, providing advanced turnstiles solution with international competitiveness.

CMOLO is dedicated to creating safe, efficient and comfortable access management systems for customers. 

Specializing on turnstiles, manufacturing with exquisite craftsmanship

CMOLO is focusing on pedestrian turnstiles. Ever since our establishment, we’ve been manufacturing one product only—Turnstile. 

We are in line with the attitude of “hard work rather than speculation, dream rather than utility”, not the follower of “the roughly made”. 

We insist the philosophy of “manufacturing with exquisite craftsmanship”, make products in a down-to-earth manner, and run “ultimate” through every detail, so as to make high quality turnstiles which stand at the top of the industry.

Independent R& D, world’s leading core technology 

CMOLO is a National High-Tech Enterprise. It owns a highly professional comprehensive R & D team. 

With fully independent R & D, we’ve been insisting on innovation and investing 100% of our energy on turnstile. 

This focusing power has made us own the world’s leading design & innovation ability, and our turnstile core technology has reached the world’s leading level. 

Cooperate with Shenzhen Longgang Institute of Intelligent Video Audio Technology on face recognition technology

The institute was jointly sponsored by the National Engineering Laboratory of Digital Video Codec Technology, the Zhongguancun Audiovisual Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and the Shenzhen Longgang District People's Government. Academician Gaowen of Chinese Academy of Engineering is the President of the institute, and many experts of the National “Thousand Talents Plan” have also joined this institute.

Face recognition turnstile is the future trend. In order to deepen the application of face recognition technology in the turnstile, CMOLO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the institute in 2018. In the agreement, the institute provides face recognition technology and CMOLO provides turnstile technology to promote the development of face recognition turnstile system together.


Setting up turnstile laboratory for deeper research and development, with fruitful Patent Technologies            

In order to continuously improve product quality and keep advanced creativity, we’ve set up a professional turnstile laboratory which is leading in the industry. 

We deeply study the mysteries of material, mechanical structure, appearance design and logic algorithm, etc. We also constantly challenge & conquer high-difficulty technology. 

We are the holder of multiple core patent technologies, filling the blanks of cutting-edge technologies in the field of turnstile.


Strong customization capability, quick and flexible Response

On the base of deeply studying turnstile system, CMOLO has strong customization capability. 

From modifying swipe-card panel, widening lane, modifying cabinet dimension, building-in other devices, integrating with other systems to new model developing, we can make them all come true. 

No matter the customized requirements are simple or complicated, we can work out excellent solutions quickly and flexibly so as to solve the turnstile application problems for customers.

Good reputation, strong production capacity

CMOLO has set up lots of sales organizations and cooperated with top companies all over the world, owning a good public praise and reputation from our customers. 

With a 10,000㎡ manufacturing base and advanced production facilities, our production capacity is strong enough to deliver the turnstiles promptly and timely. 

Until now, our high-end turnstile gates have been wildly applied in the fields of rail transits, office buildings, residential communities, customs, airports, bus stations, BRT, scenic areas and large factories, etc.

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