Only by being concentrated can we become professional. As a pioneer, CMOLO is working conscientiously and stick to the “one single product” strategy, thus achieving a leading position.

We concentrate on the design and develop of turnstiles and dedicate to creating enduring, efficient products for our customers. 


CMOLO adheres to innovation as we believe that innovation is always the booster for growth. Through investing in product development, we push forward the innovation in design and technology, benefiting from which we maintain a leading position. 


CMOLO is insisting on research. We are the biggest investor every year in the industry when it comes to product development. We are customer-oriented and carry out product development in accordance with market demands so as to create product solutions that meet customers’ current and future needs.


The development of CMOLO is the result of the wisdom and hard work of our employees. We work together; we keep searching constantly, overcoming obstacles one by one with our united strength. 

When working towards the same directing, we have the same goal; when having the same goal, the only thing that we need to compete with is quality and technology.

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